Gay Travel Guides written by a fellow traveler who stuck around for more than a few weeks!
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It's like having a local BFF on speed dial to answer the questions that get left out of mainstream travel guides:

• Gay Bars and Discos (who goes/when)

• Tips for cruising local guys

• Details of Gyms, Saunas, Baths,
   Sex Clubs and Escorts

• First-hand observations on the
   local gay scene

• Complete tourism details, from arriving
   at the airport, to taxis, hotels,
   sightseeing, restaurants, sightseeing
   and more.

• Important safety info


“You're like a Gay Saint Christopher!”

“I own every guide on Paris. Every one. And this is by far my favorite. It's informative, but fun and a little naughty. It has all the essential facts and all of the gay spirit of the city. And all of the insider stuff about meeting french guys is just perfect. It made me desperate to be there. Reading your guide was a delightful surprise. Especially for a traveler on the cusp of jaded.”

“It's gorgeous! And perfect! Especially with the printable wallet guide and the personal anecdotes. Jealous of your travels, but one day I too will be equally jet set. I can tell you had a blast!”

Save Time, Save Money, Get Some!
COMING SOON: Las Vegas • Torremolinos, Spain • New York City • Cartagena, Colombia • Bogota,Colombia
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